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Notice of Language Assistance

F R O M:
    Dr. Christina M. Kishimoto
    Notice of Language Assistance   - REVISED 10/08/2018
Revisions made to this memo: Attachment 2 - corrected pdf so that the hyperlinks work.

In order to comply with certain Federal and State Civil Rights laws, rules, regulations, and/or guidelines, the Hawaii State Department of Education must take affirmative steps to: (1) ensure that limited english proficient (LEP) students, also referred to as english language learners, can meaningfully participate in educational programs and services; and (2) communicate information to LEP parents in a language they can understand. 

In order to satisfy the above requirements, the Civil Rights Compliance Branch developed a Notice of Language Assistance (Notice), which states “If you have difficulty understanding English, you have the right to receive language assistance at no cost to you. Please contact your school’s principal for more information.” Please see the attachment.

The Notice has been translated into the following 14 languages:  Ilokano, Tagalog, Japanese, Chinese – Mandarin, Chinese – Cantonese, Korean, Marshallese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Hawaiian, Tongan, Visayan (Cebuano), Chuukese, and Samoan.

Please immediately post the Notice and its translations in your school’s front office, on your school’s website, and in a location where advising/counseling is provided by counselors, faculty, or staff. If your school offers courses in Career and Technical Education (CTE), the Notice must also be included in all CTE specific promotional and recruitment materials. In addition, please include a copy of the Notice in your course registration materials for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year for all diploma-track students.

Schools must respond to a parent’s request for language assistance and provide translation or interpretation from appropriate and competent individuals. Schools should not rely on or ask students, siblings, friends, or school staff to translate or interpret for parents. A list of resources for interpretation and translation services is also attached.

If there are any questions regarding the Notice or need assistance in finding a translator or interpreter, please contact the Civil Rights Compliance Branch at (808) 586-3322.

Jason Kuloloia,
Oct 12, 2018, 1:14 PM
Jason Kuloloia,
Oct 12, 2018, 1:14 PM